War At Home EP

by Final Descent

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released March 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Final Descent Scranton, Pennsylvania

Hardcore Punk from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre PA

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Track Name: War At Home
Multifaceted, we're all impacted from healthcare to gangs to ingredients in asprin. The Hungry stand still to avoid detection, the wealthy getting aid and government protection. This is a pandemic. a corrupted consortium, from your streets to your plates to your podiums. The War at home.
Track Name: Ignorant Nazis At A Donahue's Show
I wont take your hatred. Go on, get gone
Track Name: Ligaments
Chasing after what makes you better, I'll be walking right past the grave. Be yourself and ignore the jeering. take up the mantle and claim your new name. Check the references and sift conclusions. I've got time if we're talking eternity. Ligaments tighten in this cold spot. This is not up to you or me.
Track Name: Death Of
I'd rather shit razor wire and bricks than listen to your ego trip on it's own dick. Your self centered stance, it leaves my stomach sick. Genre shot-callers with their wallets on their heart pledge allegiance to the death of modern art. Praise be to their friends and their inner sanctum. guess I forgot to thank them.
Track Name: Like Ghosts
every color, orientation and species, we need each other more than most can see. I'll be the banner of awareness, through it in the face of the blackened bile; adversity. Time to intimidate the bullies. Intimidate them all. Time to intimidate the bullies, watch them fall. Make the changes and be aware. Pass like ghosts past those who don't care.
Track Name: Kids > Cash
It could have been me, it might have been you. Locked away, nothing you can do. Fundamentals of growing up, taken when the gavel fell. From home to cell in the blink of an eye, from home to a living hell. Kids for Cash. What can we do? How should we feel? Can this battered region ever heal? It could have been me...