FD4: Primetime

by Final Descent

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released September 26, 2014

Donnie Kirchner: Vocals Doug Griffiths: Guitar/Vocals Tom Lopes: Bass/Vocals Nick "come on you fools" Lawrence: Drums. WYD Crew Gang Vocals: Amanda Ditmar, Luke Martin, Caleb Hartnett and Final Descent. "Dudentag" performed by Chelsea Collins of A Fire With Friends.



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Final Descent Scranton, Pennsylvania

Hardcore Punk from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre PA

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Track Name: Primetime
Shake the blood off your back. The cattle prodding will continue momentarily. Commercial break for peace and clarity. Resume the flogging and pass the salt.
Track Name: Badge Number
Authority covers the blemishes. Festering sores of a savage. Your badge is the shield you use to silence wrong doings, the abuse. Quiet whispers at the station. They've seen you out with her, dropped her off at school then slammed faces in the pavement by the book, by the rules. Mongoloid Masquerading as Human.
Track Name: All American Saturday Night
scourged and bleeding out. Ill try to turn the other cheek. make this what I'm all about out on these soiled streets. If not now when will I see this through? when will I feel complete for you? In the midst (of a) brood of vipers, governors, bankers and snipers, tax dollars and drone strikes, all American Saturday night.
Track Name: They Are Legion
this ain't no cool kids social club, but more and more it looks a lot like that.
I look around and see a house of Judgement, just another fucking frat. but take a look in the mirror. remember you were once new to the scene too, but somehow everyone is now below you. Below you?
Track Name: No Thought List
we're at a point where "revolution" is just a song on a station. the great slumber of a date-raped nation. we're getting fucked when we're at our most weak. Constituents bursting like mortars to the sound of surveillance song. I will no longer willingly sing along. The no thought list is next before long.
Track Name: 12/20/2013
12/20/2013 Ugandan government officials sick and obscene. jail time for sexual orientation. Laws pass parliament without hesitation. David Bahati, turn a blind eye, while the innocent men and women suffer and die. The true crime's what's being done to so called criminals. media coverage on this subject, too minimal. 12/20/2013. Don't forget their struggle, don't forget their streets. Uganda Unjust
Track Name: Adding Splinters to Injury
I'm done running from demons. I'll face affliction head on with firm resolve and true grit. I've shied away from conflict, but with conviction and grace, I'll rise above it. So sick of being put down. I know I'm worthy of respect and in turn so shall I give to those who deserve it back. Harboring anger is no fucking way to live. But I wont break or bow, to any foe of my hard earned soul. I wont break or bow to any foe of my heart or soul.