Lake of Fire ep

by Final Descent

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Lake of Fire ep


released August 3, 2013

Donnie Kirchner: Vocals/Bass, Doug Griffiths: Guitar/Vocals, Tank: Guitar/Vocals, Nick "Come on, you fools!" Lawrence: Drums.
Guest Vocals on "Lake of Fire" and "Spider Surgeons" by Gene from Single Me Out/Alive and Well
Gang Vocals performed by: Donnie, Doug, Tank, Greg, Nick "C.O.Y.F" Lawrence, Filler, Gene bean, and Ed "The Coooze" Cuozzo from A Social State.
Recorded and produced by Doug Griffiths



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Final Descent Scranton, Pennsylvania

Hardcore Punk from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre PA

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Track Name: Lake of Fire
Take a breath, take a step. Take a chance together. Or hang out to dry over a lake of fire. Ive been making amends, burnt at both ends. It's a way of life, struggle then die. Throw my prayers unto the sky, take a breath and keep a steady hand. This is not the end.
Track Name: Leah/Message vs. Relevance
I do it all for the fun of it. not concerned with the money making element. You'll lose the message trying to stay relevant, defecate, turn around and try to sell it. (Dont... Hate... Me...)
Track Name: Kept it Hidden
Your hometown's got nothing for you, and mine probably has less. So baby put that old record on and take down that old dress. Cuz we've been down and we've been out and our love put through the press, but if you'll weather the changes, hunny I'll do the rest. You've got a way about you, dontcha? a tender heart that youve worn on your sleeve. Kept it hidden in certain situations, but till the put me in the ground I will never leave. And I've made promises before, as I'm sure you have too. And they still sting when they're spoken of baby, it just takes some getting used to. But once you get straight and once you get gone, them old worlds they fade away. build foundations to this new home and practice new vows made.
Track Name: One Thing Leads
One thing leads to another. One word and it's all torn asunder. You say racism makes you sick, well homophobia still makes you a dick, and, one thing leads to another. Not gonna tear down my sisters and brothers. You say hatred has no place? Then keep your hateful words inside your face.
Think Before you speak. Think Before you speak. Think Before you speak. Think before you speak, or are you too weak?
Track Name: Spider Surgeons
Guy said "Harvest the crust from your eyes", but we still haven't and it's no surprise, you're just shoegazing, blunt blazing, worried about your hearts demise, you wont partake in the cure. settle down for something serious, something pure. I'll strive for a little bit more...
Track Name: Bro-Loha
With an open mind, and a positive heart, we'll never be torn apart. "Always a friend for life", you're perfect just the way that you are. Encouragement until the very end, you will always have a friend.